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The Team

We provide expert advice and support to individuals, schools, and organizations in the education sector. We help clients navigate the complex landscape of education by guiding a wide range of topics related to teaching, learning, and educational management. Our role can vary depending on the area of expertise and the needs of our clients.
Our two expert consultants are distinguished educationists. One with a Master's in International Education and Development and a Doctorate in Higher Education Pedagogy from a prestigious UK university, and the other with a Master's in Youth Education and a PhD in Education from a well-known university in Cameroon.
Both consultants possess extensive professional experience in the education sector, having managed top-ranked secondary schools and contributed to the planning, establishment, and successful initial operation of promising university institutes in Cameroon.
Our consultants are highly involved in the education sector, serving as active board members in both national and international educational establishments and complexes. Additionally, they currently hold positions as academic deans and lecturers in other university institutes.
They are also sought-after public speakers, coaches, and mentors, and have a proven track record of delivering memorable commencement speeches at school and university events.

Our Work

 Here are some examples of the work done by FEDUC Consulting.
Planned, negotiated, and ran satellite campuses of English-speaking universities in Douala and Yaounde
Conceptualised and implemented administrative models of universities with satellite campuses
Participated in recruiting and training lecturers on the unique vision of their educational establishments
Developed ubiquitous learning models to facilitate learning in English-speaking universities in times of crisis
Reorganising, rebranding, and restructuring failing schools and school systems in Douala and Yaounde
Participated in in-service training of university lecturers in both public and private universities

Our Services

Staff training and performance improvement

Recruitment of teachers and teacher placement

Remedial management intervention

Schools improvement diagnostic